Another Team in the Northwest

by AWFC Insider

Wenatchee, Washington - The American West Football Conference has acquired another team that will be based out of Washington State.   Hook Sports Media LLC. based out of Tacoma, Washington has started the process to bring professional Indoor football back to the Wenatchee Valley.  Hook Sports Media LLC. provides marketing and media services throughout the world and is very innovating in digital, social media marketing and design. 

Hook Sports Media LLC. has named Keith Evans the franchise's first ever head coach and general manager.  Coach Evans is the former assistant GM & Head coach of the Wenatchee Valley Venom  of the IFL and AIFA.   Keith Evans has maintained multiple relationships in the Wenatchee Valley community which will help jump- start the new team.   

The new team will be looking to call the Town Toyota Center home.  Hooks Sports Media and the Town Toyota Center is excited to bring a source of family friendly entertainment back to the Wenatchee Valley.

More information about the team will be release in the upcoming weeks.