Ownership Inquiries

by AWFC Insider

The American West Football Conference has reached an tentative agreement with 3 ownership groups to launch the AWFC in 2019.  The AWFC will kickoff with a minimum of 4 teams in its inaugural season.  As a new league, the AWFC will take what has been successful from other leagues and not fix what is not broken and also learn from the things that hasnt worked so well.  The AWFC isn't being created to compete with other similar leagues, but only to bring the game back to the west coast.  The AWFC business model is to make sure that all member teams are being financially successful, so the league can continue to grow.  Growing isn't about the number of teams that the league can get, but how successful each team is within the league.  

After speaking with the potential owners and sharing the AWFC business model, the intriguing part to these potential ownership groups is the regional travel and the possibilities of having home team fans having the ability to travel to away games.  

The AWFC will be announcing in the next couple of weeks a league commissioner, a league meeting date, AWFC league tryouts, and the first cities that will be awarded a team.  The potential teams are currently reaching out to regional venues and noting what is needed to bring a team to those prospective cities.

Stay tuned, exciting thing are happening...