The AWFC & the AIFA partners for 2023

by AWFC Insider

 AWFC/AIFA Partnership

Boise, ID -  The American West Football Conference (AWFC) and the American Indoor Football Alliance (AIFA) has finalized a partnership agreement to play cross-over games for the 2023 season.  The two leagues have been in discussions since last season and played one cross-over game in 2022 whereas the Idaho Horsemen hosted the Las Vegas Kings.   This first-ever interleague match was a success for both leagues.

As the AWFC is headed into its fourth season and the AIFA entering its second, both leagues believe the support of one another only strengthens both leagues. This partnership will allow all organizations involved to play teams across the country and bring new teams to their community for the benefit of the fans.  

AWFC League President, Chris Reynolds mentioned that fans have voiced their hopes of seeing new teams in the AWFC.  As we wish to grow the AWFC to an 8-10 team league, we have to find the right ownership groups that fit our model. We do not want to rush into accepting organizations or ownership groups that aren't ready for the grind of running a team.  As the league President, I have to put as much time into a new team getting off the ground, as I do my own team.  We need every team to be successful and order for the league to be successful.  And if the league is successful, we can continue to provide a platform for these young athletes to play and pursue their careers.  

Reynolds believes this is a great solution we have come up with after the departure of the Tri-City Rush.  It takes a lot to build and maintain a team.  It takes a lot of community support.  If the community doesn't support the local team, no team will survive.  Hopefully bringing in new teams to play will energize each of our markets and arena football here for the long haul.

AIFA League President, Alton Walker, the brainchild of these talks on both leagues joining forces has watched and supported the AWFC since the AWFC kicked off in 2019.   Prior to the AIFA inaugural season in 2022, Walker and Reynolds shared many late-night conversations discussing and sharing ideas.  These conversations have proven to show that both league presidents have identical visions of running and growing indoor football.  Walker believes that this move is the first step closer to something way bigger.  The potential match-ups are going to be exciting to watch.  Our 2022 undefeated Champion Mississippi Raiders possibly playing a Championship caliber team like the Idaho Horsemen.  The 2022 AWFC runner-up Wenatchee Valley Skyhawks taking on a 3X Champion like the Columbus Lions.  We are excited to put these games together and I'm sure the rest of the country is ready to see how teams stack up against each other.  Who is the real Indoor Champion?  We will definitely see 2023!

The AWFC & the AIFA will be making ongoing announcements on the match-ups that will take place in 2023.  The AWFC & the AIFA will both crown a Champion.  Will we have a Champion vs Champion at the end?  Stay tuned for more information.  It's going to be exciting!