The Skyhawks upsets the Horsemen 60-39

by AWFC Insider

Wenatchee WA -  Last night at the Town Toyota Center in Wenatchee, WA, the Wenatchee Valley Skyhawks put on an unexpected show as they hosted the (5-2) Idaho Horsemen.  After the Horsemen, took their initial drive in for a leading touchdown, it was all Skyhawks after that.  The Skyhawks were able to capitalize on multiple penalty calls and busted coverages by the Horsemen. The game was a tale of two teams.  The Skyhawks coming into the game as the underdog, with a change at quarterback and a few missing key players, showed up as a cohesive unit and appeared to be burning on all cylinders.  As for the Horsemen, who did lose a few players to injury prior to this game, showed up flat and out of sync on both sides of the ball.  Although there was a slight spark of a Horsemen comeback, the Skyhawks refuse to stay off the scoreboard and kept the Horsemen out of reach.  The final score was 60-39 Skyhawks.  With the win, the Skyhawks practically lock in a spot in the post-season.  

The AWFC continues to hold us to the edge of our seats and wonder how this will all pan out.

Tri-CIty finishes the regular season undefeated at (9-0) after receiving a Redtail forfeit and will currently host the American West Bowl III in Pasco, WA

Wenatchee finishes the regular season off at (5-4) after receiving a Redtail forfeit and currently will be the visiting team in the AWFC Playoff game. This is subject to change with an Oregon win over the Idaho Horsemen with a point spread of over 41 points.  Wenatchee will then host the AWFC Playoff game.

Idaho Horsemen (5-3) has one final regular-season game versus the (4-4 )Oregon High Desert Storm in Redmond, Oregon on June 18th.  With a win, the Horsemen will clinch hosting the AWFC Playoff game.  With a loss, the Horsemen can hold on to hosting the playoff game, if the loss with a score differential of 40 or less. 

Oregon High Desert Storm (4-4) has one final game versus the (5-3) Idaho Horsemen.  With the Horsemen's loss to the Skyhawks, this practically eliminates the Storm from the post-season due to the (-91) point deficit the Storm currently has.  The Storm will need to outscore the Horsemen by 41 points to play spoiler to the Horsemen hosting the AWFC playoff game and gifting it to the Skyhawks.  The Storm will need to outscore the Horsemen by 73 points to eliminate the Horsemen from the postseason and allow the Storm into the postseason!   Anything could happen in the AWFC!

Idaho Horsemen vs Oregon High Desert Storm - June 18th - Redmond Oregon