Yakima Canines join AWFC

by AWFC Insider

Yakima, WA - We are exited to announce that the American West football Conference will be expanding and adding another team in the Pacific Northwest.  This would make the 3rd team in Washington State.  Athletic Sports Enterprise (ASE) LLC. has been granted a team in the AWFC and is in talks with the Yakima Valley Sundome in Yakima, Washington home.  The Yakima Valley Sundome is a 6,195-seat multi-purpose arena.  It was built in 1990, on the Central Washington State Fairgrounds.  Athletic Sports Enterprise LLC released team name and logo. The new Yakima team will be named the Yakima Canines. Their colors will be Orange & Black with accent of Green
Follow the team on their new social media pages as they build for 2020.